An inn on Szentendre Island


„From the producer to the table.”


Best of the chamber2990 Ft

Carpfish snack2990 Ft


SOUPScup /         dish

Hot plum cream soup with cinnamon & small cottage cheese dumplings1390 Ft / 2490 Ft

Lentil cream soup with mangalica sausage-chips1490 Ft / 2690 Ft

Beef broth with noodles & vegetables1690 Ft / 2990 Ft

Fallow deer soup with tarragon & potato dumplings1690 Ft / 2990 Ft

Fisherman’s carp soup2090 Ft / 3690 Ft

Fisherman’s catfish soup2190 Ft / 3890 Ft


Cottage cheese pasta with mangalica greaves3690 Ft

Pumpkin risotto with grilled camembert3690 Ft

Breaded chicken breast filled with smoked cheese & prunes, smashed potato4290 Ft

Homemade pasta with oyster mushroom & sundried tomato4490 Ft

Pork tenderloin rolled with kale leaves & bacon with spicy roasted potato4890 Ft

Fried roast meat with parsley potato4990 Ft

Catfish “paprikash”, noodles with dill & cottage cheese5490 Ft

Fallow deer stew with cooked vegetables and dumplings5490 Ft

Fried duck leg with red cabbage pureee &potato croquettes5990 Ft

“Innkeeper’s plate” (for 2 persons / for 4 persons) 10990 Ft / 19990 Ft

Breaded chicken breast filled with smoked cheese & prunes, rolled pork tenderloin, confit pork spareribs, fried cheese,  rice, french fries, tartar sauce, mixed pickles

“Danube plate” (for 2 persons / for 4 persons) 12990 Ft / 23990 Ft

Roasted zander, breaded catfish fillet, roasted trout fillet, multi-seed crusted fried carp fillet, french fries, jasmine rice, dill pickles, tartar sauce


Apricot creamsoup990 Ft

Meat-broth with noodles and vegetables1190 Ft

Pea-stew with fried sausage1690 Ft

Spagetti Bolognese1990 Ft

Homemade chicken nuggets with french fries1990 Ft


Cabbage salad890 Ft

Mixed pickles “Csalamade”890 Ft

Pickled cucumber890 Ft

Dill pickles890 Ft

Homemade mixed pickles1290 Ft



Pancake selection (2 pcs/portion)

– filled with, jam, or cinnamon, or chocolate powder1190 Ft

– filled with cottage cheese1390 Ft

– filled with Nutella1590 Ft

“Kisoroszi” pancake filled with walnut, vanilla custard2290 Ft

Sweet noodles with poppy seeds & hot sour cherry cream2490 Ft


inc. VAT         half portion costs 70% of full price

package/doggy bag 300 Ft

prices do not include the service fee

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